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To enable client companies to gain competitive advantage in their business, PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting is committed to delivering differentiated services to improve your business results, advance your performance management, increase business transparency, and stabilize corporate governance.

Improving Your Business Results
We analyze your internal processes to identify inefficiencies and opportunities to reduce cost and devise improvement plans. To let you sustain the optimized level of cost, we also provide SCM (Sustainable cost management) service, as well as CRM (Customer relationship management service) to enable you to grow and gain competitive advantage through differentiated management of your customers.

Improving Processes and Making IT More Efficient
We accumulate, analyze and quantify the best practices from global companies into a benchmarking service called global best practices service. With this service we enable you to refine your business processes, while we help you build an IT-enabled integrated production system through our IT effectiveness service. Furthermore, we help you make your processes more efficient enterprise-wide with ERP (Enterprise resource planning) system implementations.

Making Business More Transparent
To let you respond more effectively to the risks caused by radical changes in business conditions, we provide Enterprise Risk Management service. For the banking industry, in particular, we help you design risk management processes and implement the system to comply with Basel II agreement. In addition, we deliver
internal controls reinforcement services to let you cope with the latest local accounting laws and Sarbanes-Oxley Act, making your business more transparent while letting your internal auditors help add more value.

Stabilizing Corporate Governance
Many large and medium enterprises in Korea share the same issues, like weak governance, complicated corporate governance, and inefficient business structure. To resolve these issues, we offer governance advancement service to help you establish more effective corporate governance, increase your value, and reorganize
your business structure. With regular health check service for listed companies, we enable you to keep monitoring risks inherent in a listed company and maximize the value of your business.