Crisis and Stakeholder Management

When organisations are facing a crisis, such as cash flow problems and/or possible default on funding repayments, PwC acts as a catalyst working alongside management and stakeholders and encouraging all parties to work together. In highly emotive environments, we deliver quick and effective results.

We are experts in stabilising and creating platforms for recovery and growth. Our specialists work with management to deal with financial underperformance through stabilising the business, buying time to manage key stakeholders and build a strong platform for the future.

PwC has a strong track record in managing stakeholder relationships and significant expertise in crisis situations where there are financial, resource and time constraints. In the short term, we stabilise the financial position of the business and obtain both management and stakeholder buy-in. In the longer term, our role is to rebuild confidence and relationships whilst helping management regain control, keeping all parties informed every step of the way.

Potential issues

  • There is increasing tension with stakeholders.
  • Your business has or anticipates cash flow problems.
  • You may be about to breach funding covenants.
  • You are experiencing increasing working capital levels.
  • You are issuing profits warnings or experiencing share price falls.
  • You are experiencing regular unexpected business surprises.
  • You are losing control of your business.


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How we can support you

  • Stabilise the business quickly.
  • Rebuild stakeholder confidence in the business.
  • Buy time with key stakeholders.
  • Quick win cash generation opportunities.
  • Sustainable working capital improvements.
  • Management maintain or regain control.
  • Assurance that a third party is preparing for or managing a breach in covenants.
  • Drive robust financial information.

More about PwC's crisis & stakeholder management services

  • To manage the immediate crisis we establish a timeframe, setting out what needs to be achieved and by when, and we fix immediate goals and work out which objectives can be achieved in the short to medium term.
  • We deliver quick win cash generation opportunities.
  • We identify sustainable working capital improvements.
  • We have experienced resources to assist management in maintaining or regaining control.
  • We can provide a senior resource from our turnaround panel to take on executive positions to implement recovery plans.

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