About Remchannel

REMchannel is an internet-based remuneration survey, customised for the complexities of Kenya’s remuneration practices. The survey is currently published in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana; and will be published in Kenya in September 2012. Internet-based electronic business tool, customised for the complexities of remuneration practices.

  • Proven its value by becoming the right-hand tool for many discerning reward practitioners
  • Top-level internet security employed to protect the confidentiality of the data


  • Real time - a live database, capable of constant updating
  • Choice - supreme flexibility in defining comparator market
  • Friendly - absolute ease of data submission and retrieval
  • Access - instantaneous, finger-tip driven, generation of reports for informed remuneration decisions
  • Freedom - freeing up HR time to pursue strategy and not drudgery
  • Value - one data submission once per annum provides access to multiple surveys

Value Proposition

REMchannel offers a unique value proposition in that it encompasses more than one survey, for one survey fee and one data submission.
The surveys which are covered by our internet-based remuneration database are as follows:

  • Top Executive Survey
  • General Staff Survey
  • Industry Specific Survey
  • Job Based Survey
  • Grade Based Survey (correlated to all major grading systems)

Unique Features

  • Stringent validation of data
  • Job matching assistance
  • Geographic analysis
  • Race analysis
  • Gender analysis
  • Age analysis
  • Internal and external equity measure
  • Detailed benefit quantum analysis
  • Selection of own package component analysis
  • Selection of percentile comparison
  • Automatic age correction of data
  • Interactive web based selection ("what if" scenarios)
  • Real-time database
Reports can be copied and exported into Microsoft Office packages for presentation to remuneration committee