Economic Crime in Kenya 2011

Economic crime continues to be a serious issue affecting organisations worldwide with no industry immune.

The fallout from fraud is not simply the direct cost, the collateral damage can strike an organisation at its core. The effects can seriously damage the perception of a brand, leading to significant loss of market share.

As society becomes less tolerant of unethical conduct, businesses need to ensure they place a premium on building public trust.

To help industry leaders understand and confront these issues, PwC is undertaking its sixth worldwide study into the impact of fraud on businesses. We will turn the spotlight to cybercrime this year and take an in-depth look at the scale of this phenomenon.

Working in conjunction with Professor Peter Sommer from the London School of Economics, we aim to produce the most comprehensive global survey of economic crime available to businesses.

The results will allow us to assess corporate attitudes towards economic crime and help organisations understand and explore the trends behind criminal activity.

Your co-operation will play a key role in establishing the extent of economic crime and help to understand what steps organisations can take to detect and prevent fraud.