Public Sector Insight: November 2012 Issue

Governance and leadership are very timely topics here in Kenya, as we approach the next elections. The public sector needs to be clear about what Kenyans can expect from government and our politicians need to keep their promises. In this edition of PSG Insight, we look at governance and leadership through the lens of these expectations and promises.

By shedding more light on the public sector, we hope to improve its function—and contribute to your understanding. In this issue we discuss risk management and attaining risk resilience in the public sector. Risk is a dynamic, complex force in Kenya—especially as we head into a devolved government structure, which will require an even more robust risk the ability to comply fully.

Technology and new media contribute significantly to good governance and leadership in Kenya. The government has demonstrated a real commitment to embedding technology in its systems and operations at various levels. There is still a lot of improvement needed, particularly with regard to the way that government interacts with the younger generation of digital savvy citizens.

Kenya also needs clear government policies informed by private sector input that leverage technology, backed up with real funding. We also need to tap into global expertise to address our challenges. Once again, good governance and leadership is essential to the goal of creating and implementing a sensible approach to a changing climate.