Improve your employability

We are looking at graduates from different disciplines with a minimum of Upper Second Class honours or equivalent from reputable institutions. As you would expect, a strong academic background is important, however, in our experience it is also well-rounded individuals who succeed in PwC. You might not know it, but there’s a good chance that every day you’re developing the skills we’re looking for. For you to be successful you will need to demonstrate the following competencies:

Coach and develop yourself and others

It's about always striving to improve yourself

Have you pushed yourself to achieve things that go above and beyond? Have you ever changed the way you did something after getting feedback? Have you developed new skills outside of your studies? Have you done any work experience, voluntary work or developed a new skill? Have you taken time to feed back to others?

It’s about being influential

Have you created something simple for others to follow, such as instructions or a project plan? Have you made a point of taking onboard different opinions, or persuade people to your way of thinking? Have you presented to your class, club or society? Have you written speeches, manifestos or business cases? Have you ever spoken in front of an audience? Have you used your powers of persuasion to get funding or agreement for a proposal?

Its about looking at things differently

Have you ever come up with a new and better way of doing something? When have you applied some new learning to achieve a goal? Do you go to school and university events that encourage knowledge sharing? Have you made time to learn something new outside of your studies? Have you been to employer presentations or skills sessions to explore your career options?

Its about giving your best

Have you taken part in a voluntary project that relied on everyone pulling together? Do you belong to a sports team, club or society? Can you think of a time when you worked in a team to achieve a common goal? Have you ever had to overcome a sporting injury, and planned your comeback? Have you led a group or team? Have you been adaptable in order to work better with others?

Its about making connections count

Did you get to know a customer, colleague, or even your boss, really well? Are you a strong contributor at your local club or society? Have you built good relationships with others? If so, how do you know? Have you networked with people from other courses, schools or universities? Did you make and maintain useful contacts on a work experience placement?

Its about doing the right thing

Do you put 100% into every application form or task you’re asked to perform? Can you think of a time when you’ve had to keep something confidential? Have you handled conflicts or differences of opinion well? Ever taken on a mundane task with real enthusiasm? Have you kept your cool when dealing with a difficult customer?

Its about always having a plan B

Have you looked after organisation’s finances, such as being your club’s treasurer or been involved in Young Enterprise? Have you handled lots of different pieces of coursework and deadlines at the same time? Have you managed your money to achieve a long-term goal, such as a gap year? Have you ever adapted a plan as a result of a significant change? Have you juggled different priorities to meet an important deadline? Do you always turn up on time?

Its about embracing change

Have you picked up a shift at work at short notice? Have you tried new things that are outside your comfort zone? Have you taken onboard suggestions from others and done something differently? Have you taken on increased work or responsibility to help a co-worker or teammate? Have you adapted to changes at work or in your studies?

Its about being curious about business

Do you take an interest in business and current affairs? Have you looked into the kind of professional qualifications you might do with us? Have you thought about who your dream client would be, or what it would be like to be a CEO? Have you taken extra time to understand how a company or industry operates? Have you spoken to people you know in business about what they do?

Its about going that bit further every time

Dou you take a real interest in your part time job (paid/ voluntary) and how the company works? Have you ever gone out of your way to do something [positive for others? Have you spent longer on a piece of work to make sure it’s truly excellent? Have you made suggestions on how to make money perhaps in a part-time job? Have you looked into how PwC operates as a business? Do you understand the business areas you are applying for? Do you have examples of what you have?