Our People

Esther Mutisya

  • Department: Advisory - People and Change
  • Qualification: B.Sc in Mathematics
  • University: University of Nairobi
I did not apply for the 2010 graduate recruitment because I thought PwC was just for Accountants and they were not interested in other academic disciplines. In March 2011 a friend mentioned the PwC GR recruitment and convinced me to apply.

I visited the PwC Kenya website along with other global websites and realised my misconception. Reading the publications on the website opened my eyes and I realised that that was the team I wanted to work with and PwC was the place I had to be. The Recruitment exercise although relatively long was unique, challenging and very interactive. The interview stages though they appeared many helped me discover some of my strong suits and negative traits. I discovered that I am more confident than I thought I was and that I used to downplay my abilities and strengths.

The manager’s interview was very interactive and this is where I learnt of these traits. The interview session gave me the opportunity to ask all the questions I had about various PwC Advisory services. Working at PwC has been an exciting journey, it has developed me both professionally through various learning opportunities and in my personal life. Every working day presents its own unique experiences and challenges.

The diverse environment has given me the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds. It is through PwC that I have developed an interest in HR consulting and moved from my comfort zone-Mathematics. I would urge you to trust and believe in your abilities, prepare adequately for the interviews, trust in God and most importantly self confidence.
Swaber Ghalgan

  • Department: Assurance
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce, Finance Major
  • University: University of Nairobi
The first time I learnt about the GR process was way back in secondary school through a friend. I started gaining interest about the firm and what it does and since then, I had been yearning to be part of this prestigious organization. As early as 2008 when I joined the university, I had already opened a profile on the firm’s website and was almost on a daily basis visiting it, following up on any new developments, reading articles and surveys done and knowing as much as I could about the firm.

The journey of never ending learning, interactions, experience that one will cherish for years to come, exciting and challenging projects and assignments, windows of opportunities and all that you would imagine in a job profile; all this for me begun at PwC. I believe in continuous improvement, not static perfection-and PwC was the genesis of this for me. Every new day is different from the previous. No assignment that I have done ended without me learning something new, and there is always someone to guide you in everything that you do. While doing all this, you get to travel and know places, people and their cultures.

There are no two ways to it; you have to be really good. Otherwise; the GR system will throw you out. All I can say is do as much as you can on your part. Know the firm, what it does and a bit of who they are. Be real, act and talk truthfully in the interviews. It’s not all about books, although high performance academically is of utmost importance, you should be an all rounder; know about your economy, keep up with current affairs and read through articles and journals that are of economic value; they will be so much beneficial in the due process. Good luck!! Hope to see you on board!
Jeremy Kiyaka

  • Department: Assurance
  • Qualification: Bsc. Telecommunication and Information Technology
  • University: Kenyatta University
I learnt about the graduate recruitment process from an article in the newspaper. I already knew about PwC and what they do and was convinced it would be a great company to work for. I further attended the symposium at KICC where I learnt a lot more about the company, the different lines of service and what they do in more detail. Understanding the company and the different lines of service enabled me to make a more informed choice on the department I preferred to join.

The recruitment process was quite rigorous, examining various areas of one’s intellect and personality. The recruitment exercise involved a series of aptitude tests, personality tests as well as interviews with both managers and partners. Long and involving as it may be, it truly is worth the effort as at the end of the process, should you be successful, you will realize that you are one out of a few thousands who has been able to demonstrate not only intellectual and academic ability but is an all rounded individual with unique qualities that have been identified. Qualities that have the potential of adding value to one of the best employers in the world as it surely is one of the best employers in the world as it has the best people in the business.

My experience this far has been challenging as well as rewarding. The learning curve is steep and you will be required to deliver on assignments under strict deadlines. However from the very beginning one is provided with all the necessary resources that will enable you not only to deliver on assignments but flourish and grow both personally and professionally.

There are frequent trainings, online elearns as well as guidance and support from senior and more experienced members of the teams. And of course, it’s not all work and no play. There are frequent social occasions and gatherings through which you can get to interact with people from different lines of service, share both personal and professional experiences and learn more about the great people that make up PwC.

For any interested applicants I would advise them to be confident, and to be themselves. It is by being yourself that your unique qualities and attributes will shine through and enable your interviewer to better understand who you are as an individual and where you will be best placed to fit in the firm. Nurture your talents and skills as they are the qualities they will likely set you apart from the rest.
Abdusalam Mohamed

  • Department: Advisory - Finance & Accounting
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (Economics), CPA (K) Qualified
  • University: University of Nairobi
I learnt about the Graduate recruitment process from my friend who joined PwC in 2009 and this interested me to work for the firm. I frequently visited the PwC website to learn more about the program and the firm at large.

The recruitment process was very thorough and under hospitable facilitation by the PwC Human Capital team. It entailed a number of stages; from aptitude tests to interviews. The tests were methodical as I was required to read and analyze, think and respond fast as time was limited. To qualify for each interview, one needed to pass these tests. The interviews were amazing as the Manager and Partner were approachable, patient and this provided a good opportunity for me to express myself well.

My experience at PwC has been terrific. The induction was fantastic and by the time I got to the office I had learnt a lot about the firm and what was expected of me. The work is interesting as most of the clients are high profile. People are from diverse backgrounds and individuals’ opinions are respected and appreciated. It offers an opportunity for future career development.

Give a good image of yourself when filling in your online application as it is your first selling point. Be keen, positive and confident when undertaking the tests and the interviews.

Confidence and self belief is vital for this long process so don’t underestimate the power of the mind! Just getting the chance to go through this experience will make you better at what you do no matter the outcome. To crown it all, put God first.
Brian Ng'ang'a

  • Department: Advisory - Finance & Accounting
  • Qualification: BSc. Range Management
  • University: University of Nairobi
I learnt about the GR process through a friend during my sophomore year in college. So immediately I was eligible in my final year, I didn’t let the chance slip.

The recruitment exercise is a robust, well thought out and fool-proof process that is bound to make anyone’s adrenaline rush. Just the thought of pitting yourself against the nation’s finest talent is enough to give you the impetus of going through the process. The first hurdle involved doing a personality questionnaire which only required honesty. Next were the aptitude tests which just needed concentration and speed.

My manager’s interview was very interactive, in that it was where I confirmed that PwC was the organization which suited me most. The partner’s interview was a bit technical but nothing I couldn’t handle given the kind of preparation I had done. I was really thankful to God and proud of myself when I got my offer of employment. The on boarding process was amazing as this is where you announce your arrival in Corporate Kenya while you embark on a new journey of developing yourself.

Working with PwC is an experience you have to go through to understand the word ‘awesome’. It has been a great start to a challenging learning process. There are systems and methodologies in place to make sure that you take your development with the seriousness it deserves.

There is a great people culture around so I have found it very easy to fit in seamlessly. What does it for me is the assurance that you can count on those around you as we all take an interest in making each other better at what we do. I have been involved in high profile assignments which have gone to cement my belief that PwC is the right firm for me to develop my talents. The different mix of assignments in Advisory makes everyday worth looking forward to. You have to be here to believe it!

Making it in this process is all about belief. You will have belief when: you have consistent great grades, you are forward thinking and you know what sets you apart from the rest. The competition is cut-throat so you will have to know how to package yourself for a demanding professional services market.

Take the opportunity to learn something new and be aware of the world around you. Knowing what you are about to get yourself into is paramount. Be honest and don’t try to sound smarter than you actually are. If you are not successful, all it means is that your purpose is going to be better served elsewhere!