The Africa Business Agenda

Investors worldwide recognise Africa’s vast growth potential, in particularly its demographic edge. Africa is the world’s youngest continent and is expected to have the biggest labour force by 2040. Robust growth is accelerating with telecommunications, consumer-facing industries, financial services, resources, agribusiness and infrastructure driving growth and attracting international trade and investment.

Now in its fourth year, PwC’s Africa Business Agenda supports this positive view and highlights the increasing level of investor interest on the continent. At the same time, The Agenda shows that it is time for a dose of ‘Africa realism’. Opportunities are many and varied, but so are certain challenges to growth.

The Agenda provides in-depth analysis and insights into how opportunities and challenges differ across the African continent. Drawing upon our Africa CEO Survey with top business and government leaders in 18 countries, as well as in-depth interviews and insights by PwC Africa experts, The Agenda is a valuable resource for understanding the business operating environments and trends in a diverse region.

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