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Tax Incentives for National Strategic Special Zones [PDF 111KB]
On September 9, 2014, during a council meeting on National Strategic Special Zones, the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated “Within the remaining 18 months of the intensive reform period, we must achieve a reform breakthrough in regard to the so-called bedrock of ‘vested interests’ that still exists in Japan.”
EU Fiscal State aid – a briefing document [PDF 135KB]
According to the European Commission - the executive body of the European Union - perceived 'aggressive tax planning' is contrary to the principles of the EU's internal market. Fair competition is one of these principles. EU Member States cannot grant 'aid' - e.g. subsidies or tax reliefs - to certain companies on the internal market without prior authorisation by the European Commission. If such aid is granted without authorisation, the aid is unlawful. Unlawful aid has to be repaid by the companies concerned. Recently, the European Commission has made a link between State aid and BEPS. Following are answers to key questions on State aid.
Future corporate tax reform (part 2) [PDF 113KB]
On June 27, 2014, the Corporate Tax Discussion Group of the Government Tax Commission released a discussion paper outlining its views on future corporate tax reform, including a key statement that measures should be introduced to ensure that the reduction in the corporate tax rate will not adversely impact tax revenues.
Future corporate tax reform [PDF 121KB]
This Japan Tax Update reports the prospective corporate tax reform aimed at lowering the corporate tax rate and also increasing the taxable base that is under discussion in the Corporate Tax Discussion Group.
New consumption tax regime on X-border service transaction [PDF 225KB]
This Japan Tax Update provides a summary of the analysis and discussions on April 4, 2014 by the International Taxation Group of the Government Tax Commission.
Updates on the status of Tax Treaties/Agreements [PDF 110KB]
This Japan Tax Update provides a summary of the tax treaties and agreements that entered into force or were signed by Japan since January 1, 2013.