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PwC Outsourcing Service LLC can provide a variety of one-stop services to foreign corporations doing business in Japan, including those related to accounting, payroll and human resources-related administrative work, in cooperation with PwC Tax Japan and PwC Labor and Social Security Attorney Office. In accordance with each client’s request, we can also provide various other services, as well as introduce lawyers, banks, and real estate agents, on an as-needed basis.

We can provide services related to the preparation of the general ledger and sub-ledger based on the accounting records, by using the chart-of-accounts provided by the client. These services include bookkeeping services based on invoices and receipts and the preparation of a monthly Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Income Statement. We can notify the client of any potential tax risks in advance by verifying that the accounting records that we prepare for the client is tax compliant. At the end of each fiscal year, we can also prepare financial statements that should be attached to the final corporate tax return. In addition, we can prepare reporting packages to be submitted to the client’s head office located overseas.

In accordance with the salary structure of each company, we will calculate the gross salary, withholding tax, social insurance, and labor insurance, etc. for each employee, from which we will calculate the net salary of each employee and prepare a salary breakdown. Upon the client’s request, we can execute the net salary and bonus allowance payments to the employee’s bank account, and make payment of the withholding tax and inhabitants tax on behalf of the client.

In the event of an employee resignation, we can take appropriate administrative measures to collect withholding tax from the retirement allowance paid to the resigned employee.

We can also provide annual services including the year-end withholding tax adjustment procedures, preparation of a salary and withholding tax statement, as well as the salary payment report for inhabitants tax purposes and its submission to the local tax office, and preparation of a schedule that provides a breakdown of any salary, compensation, and rent paid out during a given fiscal year.

In some cases, the net salary amount of an employee being assigned from an overseas entity (including economic benefits such as company housing and/or utility costs), is determined in advance. In such event, the need arises for a gross-up calculation under which withholding tax paid by the employer is included in the employee’s taxable income. We are able to apply our know-how in conducting such gross-up calculation.

Currently, there are many problems related to the management of employees which can result in a company being subject to an order from an administrative body for payment of a significant amount of unpaid wages, litigation or industrial court, any of which can cause a bad reputation to arise for the company, and ultimately bear a significant influence upon the business activities of a company. Retaining excellent employees by supporting their child-care and family responsibilities has also become an important topic. We can provide laborrelated consulting services tailored to each client’s unique needs, based on know-how gathered from our years of consulting experience.
Upon the request of the client, we can prepare registration documents related to establishing a company (including a branch of a foreign corporation) and dissolving a company, board of directors’ meeting minutes or the shareholder’s meeting minutes for each term, registration documents related to a change of officers, and other various documents related to the company’s operations, as well as provide other advisory services. Corporate secretarial services will be provided in cooperation with outside lawyers and/or judicial scriveners. (Outside lawyers and/or judicial scriveners will take care of commercial registration procedures and related legal work.)