PwC Expatriate Tax Services

Whether assignments are long or short, a well thought-out tax policy is required to ensure successful international assignments. We assist you to develop policies that minimize overall costs and manage risk.

  • Expatriate Compliance Services
    In addition to the administration of the overall foreign assignment, International Assignment Services can also coordinate the assignee's global personal tax compliance and provide Japanese and U.S. income tax services. Our Services include:

     - Pre-assignment consultations
     - Cash-flow planning
     - Hypothetical tax calculations
     - Tax equalization settlement calculations
     - Accounting and payroll support
     - Compliance with Japanese and foreign tax laws
     - Communication links to the appropriate tax authorities

    We will gather and analyze the relevant information to provide the most advantageous tax position possible. We will also provide advice on how income should be sourced between Japan and the home country, how to claim tax exclusions or credits, and how conflicts between Japanese and home or third country tax rules can be resolved advantageously. Through ongoing consultation and monitoring, we ensure that your foreign assignments continue to operate in a tax-efficient manner.

    Through individual counseling or tailored seminars, we can also assist your assignees with:

     - Income tax planning
     - Estate planning
     - Retirement planning
     - Cash-flow planning

  • Japanese Nationals Services
    For Japanese nationals sent on foreign assignments, we offere a full range of HR and tax compliance services. Such services include compensation structuring, tax reimbursement policy development, consultation on payroll issues, pre-departure tax planning and projections, and tax return (Japan and U.S.) preparation. We also provide coordination with our PwC colleagues in various foreign host locations to optimize tax planning and to make sure the assignee's compliance-related needs are seamlessly handled from the time they depart Japan until after their repatriation.