PwC Financial Services Tax News 2008

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December Proposed 2009 Japanese Tax Reforms Impact on the Financial Services Industry [PDF 55KB]
  Proposed 2009 Japanese Tax Reforms - Changes to investment into certain partnerships and the 25/5 Rule [PDF 81KB]
November New Japan-Australia Tax Treaty [PDF 76KB]
October Tax Reform on Termination or Partial Redemption of an Investment in Public Stock Investment Trusts [PDF 34KB]
September 2008 Tax Reforms Foreign Tax Credit System on J-REITs and TMKs [PDF 51KB]
August Special Edition New Independent Agent Exemption for Discretionary Investment Managers: Background, Release of Reference Cases, Q&A and Joint Presentation by the FSA, NTA and MOF [PDF 44KB]
  Release of Finalized Part IV (Insurance) of the OECD Report on the Attribution of Profits to Permanent Establishments [PDF 103KB]
July Scope of Institutional Investor after 2008 Tax Reforms [PDF 114KB]
June New Independent Agent Guidelines for Investment Managers [PDF 31KB]
May 2008 Tax Reforms on Interest Taxation [PDF 155KB]
  Special EditionOECD- Draft Update to Model Tax Convention [PDF 55KB]
  Special Edition
2008 Japanese Tax Reforms Application Date for reforms affecting the Financial Services Industry [PDF 32KB]
  Special Edition New Independent Agent Exception [PDF 25KB]
April New Japan-France Tax Treaty - Effective [PDF 92KB]
  Special Edition
Transitional extension for the special taxation measures with respect to 2008 Japanese Tax Reforms -Impact on the Financial Services Industry- [PDF 29KB]
March 2008 Tax Reform Summary Revision on Taxation on Securities for individuals
[PDF 36KB]
February Extension of Reduced Tax Rates for Transfer Taxes [PDF 94KB]
  Special Edition New Japan-Australia Tax Treaty   [PDF 95KB]
Special Edition OECD Study into the Role of Tax Intermediaries   [PDF 77KB]
January OECD Public Discussion Draft on Tax Treaty Issues Related to REITs   [PDF 69KB]