Governance・Risk Management・Compliance

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In the Governance・Risk Management・Compliance (GRC), experts from diverse fields use the latest information and their own wealth of practical experience to offer advisory services tailored to client strategies. GRC leverages the PwC global network to offer a wide range of services including risk and capital management, response to the financial institution regulations such as Basel II and Basel III, governance, compliance, risk management, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) support, corporate real estate, and smart community.

Key Service Areas

Risk and Capital Management Advisory Services

  • Support for the establishment and review of management policies (qualitative aspects) as well as risk calculation (quantitative aspects) of market risk, credit risk, operational risk, integration risk, and equity capital
  • Support for stress testing
  • Support for the establishment and review of market value assessment methods for financial products using quantitative models

Financial Institution Regulation Advisory Services

  • Integration risk management and equity capital management for banks; compliance with Basel II and III
  • Advisory services for the advancement of risk management in response to new solvency restrictions
  • Advisory services regarding Japanese and overseas regulations affecting financial institutions (financial inspections manuals, financial appraisal systems, compliance with supervisory guidelines, compliance with inspections and directives of supervisory authorities)
  • Advisory Service on Principles for Effective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting (BCBS239)
  • IFRS support
  • Support for the establishment and review of Anti-Money Laundering program
  • FATCA support
  • Advisory services on GRC monitoring in financial institutions

Business Continuity and Wide-Area Risk Management Advisory Services

  • Business Continuity Plan / Business Continuity Management (BCP/BCM) - design and implementation
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) enhancement and Community Continuity Plan (CCP) implementation

CFO Support Advisory Services

  • Stakeholder support in the face of accounting improprieties or other misconduct
  • Investigation and analysis of fraud and/or pending legal matters (support for internal investigative committees regarding litigation, specific scandals or incidents)
  • Support for impropriety risk monitoring

Global Risk Compliance Management Advisory Services

  • Support for ABAC (Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption) compliance management
  • Advisory Services for Compliance Process Reengineering
  • Advisory Services for Risk Culture

Real Estate Risk Management Advisory Services

  • Real estate area development risk management
  • Smart community related services
  • Corporate real estate - enterprise risk management (CRE-ERM)