Organisational Structure and Governance

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A management board comprising a Chief Executive Officer, a Chief Operating Officer and other Executive Officers holds responsibility for the overall management of the firm.
The CEO heads this board and is the firm’s representative.

Currently the six board members are:

Chief Executive Officer: Koichiro Kimura
Chief Operating Officer: Hitoshi Kiuchi
Chief Quality Officer: Takaaki Ino
Executive Officer: Takashi Idesawa
Executive Officer: Mami Kato
Executive Officer:
Tsuyoshi Saito

Oversight Board

The mission of the Oversight Board is to oversee the strategy and activities of the firm’s management to ensure that a transparent system of governance is implemented. The Oversight Board consists of seven partners. Supporting the Oversight Board’s activities are the Partner Evaluation Committee, the Audit Committee, which is responsible for the internal auditing of the firm’s business operations, the Nomination Committee, which identifies candidates for the position of CEO, and the Risk and Quality(R&Q)Committee, which independently reviews the firm’s quality and risk related issues.

Public Interest Body

The Public Interest Body (PIB) comprises outside experts, the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of Oversight Board of the firm. The PIB holds responsibility for expressing opinions and presenting recommendations for the structure of the firm’s audit quality management and how it is operated, reviewing the status of the firm’s efforts to address those opinions and recommendations and advising the Management Committee.