PwC Calendar 2015

PwC 2015 Calendar

Building trust, solving important problems

Across the Caribbean, we’re still dealing with the lingering effects of the global recession. With tourism stagnant or remaining well below prerecession levels, government debt is rising. And international tax reform initiatives threaten to curb our financial services industries. Beyond this, the megatrends will create opportunities for new horizons and ways of doing business that bode for an exciting future. This year’s calendar provides some perspective on our region’s foremost business issues and features our PwC people across the Caribbean. Our people can help you gather data and insight, interpret it wisely and use it to create workable solutions, often embracing new technology and new frontiers. Together we can move the region forward, increasing our global competitiveness and contributing to the well-being of our people.

Download the PwC 2015 Calendar (4.06 mb)