Guitarist named 23rd PwC Jersey Young Musician of the Year

Guitarist Samuel Walwyn has been named ‘PwC Jersey Young Musician of the Year 2015’ in the 23rd year of the competition.

Hautlieu  student Samuel fought off competition from six other finalists in the competition, which took place on Saturday 21 March at the Jersey Opera House. He becomes the first ever guitarist to win the competition in its 23 year history.

To win the title, Samuel performed a short and energetic programme of music that included three pieces which he either composed or arranged himself.  As well as being awarded the PwC Jersey Young Musician of the Year Trophy and a cheque for £200, Samuel also received a trip for himself and a friend or family member to attend a concert of his choice in the UK and has been invited to give a recital in the summer.

Commenting on his love of music, Samuel said: “I thoroughly enjoy composing and it is what I spend most of my time doing. I think music is one of the best ways to express yourself as it is a universal language and everyone can relate to being lost in music.”

Dr Graham Cox, Head of Jersey Music Service,  said: “It was a lovely evening. We had one of the biggest audiences we’ve ever had for the final and it was just about a full Opera House. There was an incredibly high standard among all the finalists and a really varied programme. Samuel’s stage presence was captivating and he really engaged the audience and took them on a wonderful journey.”

Paul Silcock, Director at PwC, commented: “The standard of performance from all six finalists was once again outstanding.  This competition has a great track record of inspiring many participants to drive forward with their musical careers and I am sure there are a number in this year’s competition who will go on to experience tremendous musical success. They should all be very proud of their achievements.”

Winners of the PwC Jersey Young Musician of the Year competition since it
began in 1993

1993 : Michael Eouzan, Euphonium

1994 : Claire Pinel, Flute

1995 : Luke Brown, Tenor Horn

1996 : James Southall, Piano

1997 : James Southall, Cello

1998 : Christopher George, Piano

1999 : Laura Smith, Flute

2000 : Dominic Pallot, Trombone

2001 : Julie Robinson, Violin

2002 : Russell Abraham, Percussion

2003 : Robbie Harvey, Trombone

2004 : Jocelyn Crowcroft, Piano

2005 : Louise Morgan, Percussion

2006 : Edward Bailhache, Piano

2007 : Samuel Bisson, Piano

2008 : Jennah Smart, Flute

2009 : Georgina Sutton, Piano

2010 : Jack Chown, Percussionist 

2011 : Toby Huelin, Piano

2012 : Krystian Lamb, Piano

2013 : Elliott Samphier, Violin

2014 : Lillian Garnier, Piano

2015 : Samuel Walwyn, Guitar