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Encouraging talented young women and men to shine from day one
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We're under attack
View David Carney's article June 2015

A less taxing move
View Garry Bell and Rebecca Turnbull's article June 2015

Coping with a diversion
View Jameson Hyde's article May 2015

The UK's new Diverted Profits Tax
View David Waldron and Jameson Hyde's article March 2015

Taking the team with you
View Lara Haskins' article March 2015

George's marvellous medicine
View Garry Bell's article February 2015

A place to grow
View Wendy Dorman and Ali Cambray's article September 2014

Embracing promising young talent from day one
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Global mobility: An American in the Channel Islands 
View Valarie Johnston's article May 2014

In a brave new world
View Karl Hairon's article May 2014

Mind the GAAP .... Are you prepared for the change?
View Lisa McClure's article February 2014

A game changer - are you ready?
View Debbie Payne's Guernsey Press article November 2013

Time to revisit the in-source/outsource decision?
View John Luff's article September 2013

Into action - September 2013
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'Safe haven' or cyber target? July/August 2013
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Tax residence, time for a change? July 2013
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What's driving your jurisdiction choices
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The hot topic of taxation - May 2013
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The Channel Islands: Reaping the rewards of M&A - March 2013
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Managing your data strategy - March 2013
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Turning up the heat - corporate tax residence - October 2012
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At the crossroads
View article - September 2012

In the frame
View Lisa McClure's article September 2012

Are NED's the FS industry's new big bet?
View Nicola Mills' article August 2012

Business impacts of the Euro debt crisis
View Adrian Peacegood's article  - August 2012

Striking a balance
View article - June 2012

Putting regulatory reform in a CI context
View article - Feburary 2012

2012 Global State of Information Security Survey

Information Security Survey 
View article in iGamingBusiness November/December 2011

Good corporate governance - November 2011
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Facing up to US challenges - February 2011
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A brave new world - September 2010
View the article which explores taxation in Jersey

What benefits the Island has to offer when it comes to attracting and keeping finance professionals - June 2010
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Maturing very nicely - May 2010
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Planning to uproot ? February 2010
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Economic crime in a downturn - January 2010
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Jersey measures up as an international finance centre - August 2009
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A new era for wealth management - August 2009
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