Hedge Funds

The hedge fund sector continues to grow rapidly, attracting a broader range of investors and increasingly extending its presence beyond the US into Europe and Asia. Hedge Fund assets under management have surpassed the US$2 trillion mark, the European share of these assets was 25% by the middle of 2007. Locally the industry’s growth is evident in the increasing numbers of hedge fund managers relocating their management and administrative operations to the islands.

As this sector matures globally and attracts new retail and institutional investors, the attention of regulators and fiscal authorities is likely to increase. In the Channel Islands, both Jersey and Guernsey regulators have been proactive in creating a regulatory environment for the industry which offers appropriate, innovative, and relevant legislation designed to keep the islands at the forefront of the industry. Furthermore, the islands' proximity to London and ease of travel is attractive to fund managers who must ensure they can fulfil central management and control requirements, without compromise to their client relationships.

The PwC Channel Islands firm have specialists in audit, business advisory, tax planning, risk management, regulatory compliance, business process and systems consulting services who are familiar with the issues faced by hedge funds and their managers. Our experts can help you meet the challenges of today’s market and realise opportunities presented by the growth in this sector.