Alex Wardman is a Tax associate at PwC

Age:  22

University attended:  Loughborough University

Course taken:  Banking, Finance and Management

What did you want to be when you were 8? Retired

Favourite way to relax? Skiing (water or snow)

Favourite place to eat in Jersey?  Banjos

Favourite noise?  The final whistle after playing rugby

What made you choose PwC

As a placement option PwC was one of the few companies where I would be able to start building a career with genuine work experience along with the opportunity to study towards professional qualifications. Instead of helping out for a year I am treated just like any other member of the graduate training programme. The firm considers my career in the context of long term employment with them after completing my degree rather than just my placement year.

What sort of professional training are you undertaking?

I am currently studying towards the ICAEW’s ACA Chartered accountant qualification which involves 15 exams spread over 3 years. Exams are often sat in 2s or 3s and I get blocks of study leave to prepare for them which nicely splits study time at college and being in the office. During the placement year I will hopefully get 9 professional exams ticked off – great in terms of progress towards my ACA qualification and the first time pass bonus available at work.

What do you do on an average day?

So far the majority of my work has been with the private client and corporate tax teams. The work has involved learning and applying the Jersey tax rules and understanding the way Jersey tax affairs work. I have recently been given a supervised portfolio of clients whose taxes I help manage and often get to meet clients to obtain information and ensure they are compliant under international tax laws. This has been a great way of developing my understanding and ensures that day to day I am constantly learning rather than just doing the same tasks over and over again.

What's the next step?

 The next step is to pass my exams and become qualified! PwC has firms all over the world and I’d love to take advantage of this. The opportunity to go on secondment and learn about different industries is very attractive from a career perspective and exciting on the travelling front.

What advice would you give to yourself as a graduate considering the experience you have now?

First time passes in all 9 exams before returning to Loughborough is the plan. Hopefully on graduating and coming back to PwC in Jersey I will complete my study quickly and achieve full ACA qualification. Once qualified, the PwC global network of firms provides many opportunities to temporarily or permanently transfer and work almost anywhere in the world. Working abroad has always interested me. My first step in a career abroad was coming to Jersey for the year so I really hope for the opportunity of a secondment within PwC on the other side of the world at some stage in my career.

What advice would you give yourself as a graduate considering the experience you have now?

It’s the advice many people give but applying early to any role you want is a must. Often people ignore the lack of places and the large number of graduates fighting over them so if your application is one of the first the chance of success is much enhanced. For anyone not yet doing finals at Uni, get as much work experience as possible - it is vital to stand out in a pile of CVs and a successful work experience or summer internship programme will often lead to a job offer. Even if you decided the firm you worked for wasn’t for you, you can still use the employer’s name and the skills you developed on your CV for future applications, and it ticks that company off as somewhere you won’t be applying for.