Frederick Hilton is an assurance associate at PwC

Age:  25

University attended:  Oxford Brookes

Course taken:  Real Estate Management

What did you want to be when you were 8? Farmer

Favourite way to relax? With friends

Favourite place to eat in Jersey?  Feast

Favourite noise?  The sound of ski's on fresh powder

What made you choose PwC

I worked as a fund administrator for 18 months prior to joining PwC. I knew I really liked the finance industry but I wanted a career path that would give me flexibility to work across a broader range of different businesses. When considering my options, I made a lot of enquiries, and several people pointed me towards ‘the big four’ accountancy firms. I researched what it would be like to train and work in accountancy, and it was clear that with the ACA qualification and the experience I’d gain working particularly at PwC I’d be hard pressed to find a better route to a great career in finance.  So, I applied to PwC: The firm offered the opportunity to gain exposure to big global clients, provided a huge amount of support to both trainees and more senior employees, and a structured career development path with very clear requirements for each level advancement.

What sort of professional training are you undertaking?

I’m currently studying towards my ACA qualification to become a Chartered Accountant. It’s a 3 year course and a great challenge. There’s lots of study needed, but it has significantly broadened my knowledge and understanding of the finance industry, as well as teaching me how to audit businesses.

What do you do on an average day?

My time in the office is split up by chunks of time on study leave and preparing for exams, all of which the firm pays for. As an auditor, when I am working in the office it’s usually at the clients’ offices rather than PwC. Depending on the nature of a client’s business and the size of the audit team my role can vary.  I’m only in my second year of study but already given responsibility for aspects of the audit and mentoring more junior staff. A lot of our time is actually spent talking to the clients’ staff, checking their records and verifying how they run and document the business systems and processes.

What's the next step?

The next step is passing my exams. Then the reward for that will be the opportunity, if all goes well, to spend time working for another PwC network firm in another country via a secondment.   Colleagues are frequently spending time in firms from the US, Australia to London (closer to home). It’s a great way to boost your career by gaining skills and experience working in different business sectors and cultures.

What advice would you give to yourself as a 2012/13 graduate considering the experience you have now?

I would urge graduates, as well as undergraduates, to be organised and complete a variety of internships to allow you to find what career suits you. In doing so I think it is important to consider the long term opportunities as well as the culture of the company. Having studied Real Estate Management  at university I was initially focused on pursuing a career in surveying and qualifying as a Chartered Surveyor; however, from completing various internships I became interested in the transactional side of the property industry and decided to focus on the finance industry.  This eventually led me to join PwC. I do not regret my past experience as I feel I gained a valuable insight into difference roles and industries but I think it does pay to explore all the possible options thoroughly.