Laura Foster is a senior associate at PwC

Age:  24

University attended:  University of Durham

Course taken:  History BA (HONS)

What did you want to be when you were 8? Teacher

Favourite way to relax? Watching a film

Favourite place to eat in Guernsey?  The Deerhound Inn

Favourite noise?  The waves at Cobo

What made you choose PwC

Being local and having worked in a variety of firms during my school and university holidays, I had an awareness of the types of jobs on offer in Guernsey’s finance industry. While I could see myself working in this industry, I wasn’t sure how or in what role. I was able to take advice from family, employers and contacts at PwC that a possible route in was through learning to audit businesses. In a professional services firm, I could gain an accountancy qualification that would open doors while experiencing a variety of different businesses. Through such a training programme, I would be able to work out the finer details of the long term career plan.

What sort of professional training did you take?

I completed my final exams with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales back in December 2012 and will time qualify in September 2013. This qualification consisted of 15 exams over a two and a half year period and required a lot of hard work but is rewarding and something I am proud of.

What do you do on an average day?

A typical day for me would involve working on a variety of different clients, depending on both internal and external deadlines.  I am regularly emailing or talking with clients, regarding the status of the audit, to request various support that is needed, or discuss queries that have arisen from any testing performed. Most days, I have internal meetings with the teams I work with to discuss specifics from an audit or to simply have a catch-up and understand progress. In my role as a senior associate, I work with junior team members on most jobs and provide coaching where necessary – to introduce new tasks or field questions.

What's the next step?

Since I started with the firm, I have been keen to undertake a long-term secondment. I currently find myself torn between America and Australia. This process can take anything up to 18 months to put into place so, in the meantime, I will be kept busy - working on my audit clients while slotting in experience in the Advisory department and working as a tutor on some of the internal courses that the firm provides to the new recruits and second years.

What advice would you give to yourself as a graduate considering the experience you have now?

Be organised and start thinking as early as possible. If you are not sure where you want to end up, don’t restrict yourself. Try and find a firm that offers variety as there is no better way to find your niche than experiencing it first-hand, on the job.  Finally, take the opportunity to ask questions and talk to those people who are already in the role you are considering, by attending the career fairs and recruitment events.