A rewarding experience

After undertaking work experience with PwC, Jane Crittell knew that she had found exactly what she was looking for and hasn't looked back. Immersed in a role that offers variety and engaged by an employer who values staff, there's always something new around the corner, she says

Choosing a career can be one of the biggest decisions you make, but finding the right one for you can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

On leaving university with a degree that didn’t really lead me into any particular field, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do; all I knew was that I wanted a job with some variety with an employer that valued its staff. I heard about PwC’s graduate programme and thought, why not? I undertook some work experience first and found exactly what I was looking for, sent in my application and haven’t looked back since.

PwC recruits into its Assurance and Tax teams, both of which are growing year on year. It doesn’t matter whether you are a graduate or an A-level student – you will receive the same standard of training and will still have the fantastic opportunity of working towards a highly valued qualification. When you begin your career at PwC, you have a choice between two accountancy qualifications: ACA or ACCA, both of which take approximately three years to complete. The difference between these is largely the style of learning, and PwC provides plenty of information throughout the application process to assist you in making the decision that suits you best. It has been a new experience learning how to balance my time between working full time and still finding time for studying, but the support provided by the firm is above anything I expected – the majority of people have undertaken an accountancy qualification and are willing to provide advice and help whenever you need it.

Alongside what you learn for exams, you’ll also be constantly learning on the job. Whether you’re working in Tax or Assurance, you’ll experience a wide range of clients in different industries and locations. Carrying out an audit at a client’s office means that from week to week, where you work and the people you meet can vary, which keeps the job interesting, as there’s always something new around the corner.

After completing your qualification, there’s a wealth of opportunity within the global network – many people choose to transfer elsewhere within PwC to further their knowledge whilst also experiencing a new place and way of life. This works both ways and so the Guernsey office also benefits from the skills of staff from all over the world, making it a dynamic and exciting place to work.

With such a variety of people in the office, PwC makes a huge effort to bring everyone together at social events – these have made for some of the highlights of my first year, from the annual ball to sports events to dinners and drinks spread over the year. This exemplifies the focus that the firm puts on its people, ensuring that everyone can enjoy life both in and out of work.

Applications are currently being accepted for 2014/15 and places are already being filled, so if you’re interested in applying, whether you’re an A-level student or graduate, start thinking about getting your application in soon. There’s a very good chance PwC will have the career you’re after.