James Legge is an associate 2 (2nd year) at PwC

Age:  23

University attended:  Oxford Brookes

Course taken:  Accountancy and Finance

What did you want to be when you were 8? Footballer for Blackburn Rovers

Favourite way to relax? Dinner out with friends

Favourite place to eat in Guernsey?  Red

Favourite noise?  Swing Low Sweet Chariot being chanted at Twickers on game day’s


What made you choose PwC

The main deciding factor in joining PwC for me, was that I’d not only get an internationally recognised professional qualification and great study support and on the job training, I have lots of opportunities to get involved in sports and social activities that PwC staff organise . We have got sports teams playing across a range of different sports week in week out and have numerous office socials throughout the year where you can hang out with your colleagues in a non-work atmosphere, be it the pub, charity fundraisers or a trip to Herm or Sark in the summer – these factors made the decision easy to make.

What sort of professional training did you take?

I chose to go down the route of taking the ICAEW qualification to become a chartered accountant. - PwC allows you the opportunity to choose between ACA or ACCA when you start and provide excellent detail on how both courses are laid out. The reason for choosing ACA was that it meant I was able to get 9 exams done in my first year before my responsibilities at work become more intense????,  leaving 6 to take in my final two years.

What do you do on an average day?

The average auditor has changed a lot in recent times from the everyday stereotype of old men and calculators. My day is filled with a variety of different tasks and challenges, as I work as part of different teams on different clients in different industries every few weeks as I start new audits. Being a second year and having added experience and knowledge, I am given greater responsibility for analysing and documenting client controls, leading meetings with the team and performing general audit work. At PwC we aim to spend as much time with the client as possible, this means most of our time is spent out at the client’s offices working face to face with them. This allows you to meet new people nearly every week and for me its a major benefit of the job.

What's the next step?

I am currently half way through my training contract, I’ve got 6 exams left to take and aim to be fully qualified in July 2014. Once I have qualified I want to look to move abroad within the PwC Global Network and gain valuable international experience working with different clients in different industries which will hopefully provide me with greater opportunities to progress my career.

What advice would you give to yourself as a 2012/13 graduate considering the experience you have now?

Having gone through the whole process of numerous job applications and getting to where Ii am now, I think my main piece of advice would be as follows: apply to lots of positions, and give yourself options. Organisational culture is very different at each place so make sure you research and ask questions in interviews. You want to find the best job for you but also an environment that you will feel comfortable in.