Leadership appointments

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Building our leadership team:

John Luff

John Luff, Partner - Asset Management, Channel Islands Private Equity Leader

Adie Peacegood

Adie Peacegood, Director - Asset Management, Banking and Captive Insurance

Libby Spruce

Libby Spruce, Director - Asset Management

Our other Partners and their principal areas of focus are:

Brendan McMahon - Senior Partner
Mark James - Fiduciary, Banking, Asset Management and Advisory Services
Karl Hairon - Banking and Asset Management
Wendy Dorman - Tax
Evelyn Brady - Asset Management and Insurance
Steve Le Page - Asset management and Insurance
Simon Perry - Advisory Services
John Roche - Asset Management, Risk Management and Regulatory
Nick Vermeulen - Advisory Services

Our other Directors and their principal areas of focus are:

Neil Howlett - Advisory Services
Paul Silcock - Asset Management, Regulatory and Corporate Governance
Chris Stuart - Asset Management and Regulatory
Garry Bell - Tax
James de Veulle - Asset Management, Banking and Advisory Services
Lisa McClure - Asset Management and Real Estate
Roland Mills - Asset Management and IFRS
Joanne Peacegood - Alternative Asset Management