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Three new directors:

James de Veulle

James de Veulle, Asset Management, Banking and Advisory Services

Lisa McClure

Lisa McClure, Asset Management and Real Estate

Joanne Peacegood

Joanne Peacegood, Alternative Asset Management

Our other Partners and their principal areas of focus are:

Brendan McMahon - Senior Partner
Mark James - Fiduciary, Banking, Asset Management and Advisory Services
Karl Hairon - Banking and Asset Management
Wendy Dorman - Tax
Evelyn Brady - Asset Management and Insurance
Steve Le Page - Asset management and Insurance
Simon Perry - Advisory Services
John Roche - Asset Management, Risk Management and Regulatory
Nick Vermeulen - Advisory Services

Our other Directors and their principal areas of focus are:

Neil Howlett - Advisory Services
Paul Silcock - Asset Management, Regulatory and Corporate Governance
Chris Stuart - Asset Management and Regulatory
Garry Bell - Tax
John Luff - Asset Management, Channel Islands Private Equity Leader
Mark Watson - Tax
Roland Mills - Asset Management and IFRS