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Una selezione di pubblicazioni italiane ed internazionali riguardanti le tematiche dello sviluppo sostenibile e dei cambiamenti climatici.


  • The accountable company

    The basic premise of the AA1000 standards is that an organisation assumes responsibility when acknowled­ging the impacts of its actions, products and perfor­mance on its surrounding society. Assuming respon­sibility includes being transparent about this impact.
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  • Aziende sanitarie e cittadini: comunicare con il bilancio sociale

    Il bilancio sociale è uno strumento sempre più adottato dalle pubbliche amministrazioni per descrivere in modo trasparente le loro attività, attraverso un’analisi che ne illustri non solo la capacità di svolgere i propri compiti in modo efficiente ed efficace ma anche gli effetti, in termini di impatto sociale verso le varie categorie di portatori di interesse, gli stakeholder, cui i singoli enti si rivolgono.

  • The sustainability Yearbook 2009

    For the fifth consecutive year, PwC and SAM Group launched the Sustainability yearbook 2009.

  • Diversity in action

    Launched in 2003, the Eurofirms Women in PwC Network brings together women and men in leading positions from 20 European countries.

  • The automotive industry and climate change

    This study aims to investigate and analyse the framework, the challenges and the dynamics of the CO2 reduction puzzle in the automotive sector by shedding light on the fundamental issues and putting them in context.

  • Tackling emissions growth
    The Role of Markets and Government Regulation

    Co-authored by PwC with Duke Energy, DONG Energy and CLSA, this paper is the first in a series to be published by the Copenhagen Climate Council as input to the World Business Summit on Climate Change in May 2009.

  • Green Electricity to make a difference

    There has been a big surge in expectations that a diverse range of power generation methods – e.g. wind, solar, geothermal and other forms – will have a significant impact on companies’ power markets in the next 10 years.

  • The Sustainability Agenda -  Industry Perspectives*

    The growing global population, demographic shifts, climate change and increasing pressure on natural resources have all brought sustainability to the top of the political, social and business agenda.

  • Waking up to REACH*
    Global companies weigh risks and rewards of Europe’s newest law on the safe use of chemicals

    Despite a November 30 deadline for taking steps to comply, PwC’ survey shows awareness of REACH is low, especially outside Europe and the chemicals industry.

  • Sustainability - Are Consumers Buying It?

    Sustainability is becoming a business imperative, doing nothing is no longer an option, It is about securing your business for the future.