IT Effectiveness

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  • Do IT investments produce expected results?
  • Are IT systems aligned with the business?
  • How can we integrate new technologies and increase competitive advantage?
  • Which IT services should be outsourced?
  • Which controls should be implemented to manage outsourcing?
  • How to reduce project risks?
  • Does our reporting support the company’s strategic lines?

PwC IT Effectiveness services have been developed with the objective of assisting management in valuing Information Technology resources and performance, at the same time assuring that these are in line with business requirements and with law and regulations requirements.

PwC expert team can deliver a careful analysis of the impact of IT systems on the business supporting corporate choices with reference to the organizations, processes and most appropriate technology.

Thanks to our experience, with an international team support, we deliver our knowledge through analyses and valuation of qualitative and quantitative data, drawing both from external (benchmarking, market data, etc.) and from internal sources.

In the course of our analyses we carefully consider the specific business circumstances and the reference market.

Main IT effectiveness services
Critical issue What we do
  • IT does not adequately support business
  • Management needs to optimize IT value for the business
Analysis and definition of:
  • IT strategy
  • Organization, processes and technology
  • IT function IT governance
  • IT maturity