Technology & Data Services

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The growing complexity of markets and industry dynamics require companies to adopt appropriate solutions to proactively meet challenges and efficiently improve their business processes.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory SpA Technology & Data Services (T&DS) group supports customers in identifying and implementing IT solutions to improve their processes bringing actual and measurable benefits.

To achieve this, PwC provides services aiming at identifying and implementing IT cost-effectiveness measures, improving IT business processes management and control , aligning services and business goals with IT spending and identifying and managing risks at the same time improving the quality of supply.

  • The peculiarity of the Technology & Data Services Group
The Group consists of experts operating in various countries in the world, using a consolidated methodology to supply customized solutions to specific requirements, combining flexibility, specific skills and an organized approach.

In Italy, the group consists of industry experts supported by a large international network able to provide services and solutions rapidly and effectively to respond to your needs.
  • Services supplied:
Helps customers evaluate the existing security system and define plans/roadmaps to fill gaps identified with regard to rules/regulations and industry best practices.

Data Services
Helps companies analyze, manage and monitor data quality, documenting the relevant processes and workflows.

IT Effectiveness
To assist management in valuing resources and IT performance, ensuring consistency with business goals.