Data services

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  • Does corporate management have complete, correct and accurate information?
  • Are corporate databases too fragmented?
  • Why cannot the same information be reconciled in the various reports or systems?
  • Does corporate data comply with existing regulations?
  • Is it difficult to analyze the volume of data in the systems?
  • Is it necessary to guarantee quality of data transfer in the process of implementation of new systems?

Data management throughout all corporate processes, with the most appropriate timing and forms, and the guarantee of having and using complete, correct and accurate data, enable management to translate relevant information into a critical success factor, guaranteeing value for the company.

PwC experts support companies in analyzing, managing and monitoring data quality and in documenting the relevant processes and workflows.

Enables such as Data Services generally represent a set of skills integrating and completing PwC focus areas service lines (Financial Effectiveness, IT Effectiveness, Operation e Governance, Risk & Compliance).

Main Data Services
Critical issues What we do
  • The user does not trust data used in decision-making processes
  • Management cannot access available information on a timely basis
  • It is not clear who is responsible for data
  • Implementation of new applications and projects involving IT Integration and Data Conversion activities


  • Development of strategies for consistency of corporate databases, to guarantee completeness and accuracy of data utilized
  • Workflows review to ensure consistency and data availability
  • Data migration from legacy to ERP systems