Understand, design, act

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A comprehensive and well-balanced assessment of the Operations current state is the key to structure any improvement initiative that is at the same time:

  • coherent with business goals, and
  • actionable by your organisation.

Our diagnostics and check-up services are the hands-on answer to the aforementioned needs:

  • they provide a structured, all-round picture of the current state of the Operations function
  • they set the most appropriate future state targets in relationship to business specifics
  • they set the right improvement priorities, weighting gaps with regards to their relevance for the customer value proposition.

This is the grounding for a robust implementation roadmap that sketches a clear evolution of the operations maturity level, duly supported by benefit, effort and timeline quantifications.

Business targets, field-based problem solving, supply chain structure key features, process, organisation and regulatory issues are fully taken into account and harmonised into a clear and well-balanced blend of strategic and tactical initiatives.