The Playground

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Nowadays business scenarios area leading to a dramatic increase of operations-realted topics within Top Executives over-crowded agendas. Just a few examples:

Technology innovation, structural changes in supply and demand markets are challenging the current supply chain state.

  • What business processes and organisation changes are needed?
  • What supply, manufacturing and distribution footprint redesign is required?
  • How to properly match cost-efficient and flexible-response operations?

Defining standards is key not only to process control and improvement, but also to appropriately support the negotiation and sharing of the "rules of the game" with concerned stakeholders (Labour unions, supply chain partners, etc.)

  • Have the "right" standards been defined?
  • How to set standards for brand-new processes?

Competing and attaining a long-lasting competitive advantage ask for a balanced mix of continuous and disruptive improvement, working on several business areas while copying with resource and time constraints.

  • Is it clear where and why focusing?
  • Has a comprehensive implementation plan been structured and shared?
  • What efforts and benefits are associated to the concerned implementation steps?

The dark side of globalised and interdependent operations is an unavoidable complexity and risk increase.

  • How to measure supply chain risk?
  • How to establish relationships between risk and business results?
  • How to design and monitor the achievement of the appropriate supply chain resilience?