Plants and Organisation

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The manufacturing process optimisation starts with the appropriate design of the facility that will host it: establishing an effective and efficient materials flow is possible as long as it is supported by a sound plant layout, designed in order to allow a systematic throughput time reduction according to the Just-in-Time philosophy.

An integrated approach to operational flows design (“First Time Right” logics) enables the achievement of goals otherwise unreachable. The redesign of existing manufacturing processes allows a long-lasting reduction of operating costs only in the face of a scientific approach to labour organisations that supports lean production concepts and techniques.

When facing disruptive changes in the business ecosystem, the lack of organisational tuning, the non-transparency of operating governance and control mechanisms and the limited proactive involvement of the workforce can really make the difference between success and failure.

It is important to:

  • understand the current organisation's fit (structure, size and competences)
  • define the future state of the organisation according to world class standards
  • design and manage an actionable and sustainable course of change.