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The Litigation team offers companies and their legal consultants with professional accounting and financial assistance relating to litigation.

Our team is in a position to support the client through all phases of a litigation, from the initial definition of the problem, the analysis of the information, the related collection of documental proof up to our testimonials of expert witness for the client.

PwC can respond to wide range of client needs thanks to a broad array of expertise (Audit, Tax Legal Services, Transaction Services, and Corporate Finance).

This multidisciplinary approach provides our clients need for detailed in-depth analysis of high level problems, as well as the certainty to have access to a wide range of expertise and experience belonging to the international PwC network. 

Our services

PwC Forensic services includes:

Commercial litigation

  • Analysis of sales and cost projections in order to evaluate the expected profit of a disputed contract;
  • valuation of a business subject to a sales contract dispute;
  • analysis of potential losses related to contract interruption due to external factors (i.e. recession, exchange rate fluctuation).
  • Relevance definition of the product and its geographical diffusion in case of violation of competition and concentration;
  • analysis and description of prices and market share in absence of any violation of competition.

Our insurance experts are not only able to provide accountancy expertise, but are also able to assist our clients in analysing the finalised accounting data for the determination on loss profit and damages. The activities normally consist of:

  • accounting test for the determination of the value of a settlement claim (damages);
  • economic and financial analysis to determine the value of the loss profit (comparison between actual margins and  forecasted and historical margins in order to identify capacity limitations, seasonality, financial trends and quantification of damage).

Through our international network we are able to offer a wide range of solutions to rapidly identify crucial elements in supporting the client to minimise the economic effect deriving from a situation of “product recall”. 

Our professionals are in a position to support arbitral committees, liquidators and professionals in general, in the activity of analysis and assessment. In addition, due to an accreditation for the International Chamber of Commerce, as experts we are able to assist legal advisors in relation to international arbitration procedures.
The parties to a contract relay on a third party expert, an Arbitratore, to determine an element of disagreement whose determination is foundamental for the completion of the contract.
Our team of engineers, auditors and financial analysts are in a position the support clients to tackle efficiently the potential issues that are usually connected to a possible dispute in the construction sector. The range of services offered, vary from the activity of project management to the implementation of a cost effective internal control system. 

Insolvency services and assistance to official receivers and extraordinary administrators

  • Summary and review of the available documents relating to financial and accounting transactions;
  • reconstruction of the net financial indebtedness;
  • identification, reconstruction and analysis of the relationship with third parties and related parties;
  • identification, reconstruction and analysis of possible falsification of accounting information, hypothesis of misappropriation and other irregular transactions;
  • assistance during the insolvency assessment for companies under extraordinary administration;
  • review of the insolvency cases.
  • Assistance in the finalisation of the recovery plan for financial and company restructuring. 
  • Assistance in determining the list and value of assets and the creditor list;
  • assistance in assessing whether the creditors claims may be admissible as part of the total debt of the company;
  • assistance to third parties in claiming the admittance to the creditors list.
Assistance for document preparation in case of possible trial. In particular:
  • indemnification claim: documentary and financial reconstruction of irregular transactions; responsibility identification of people involved; financial analysis for the loss quantification in order to define the refund request;
  • action for revocation: identification of the insolvency statement ("elemento soggettivo") and quantification of the potential amount revocable ("elemento offettivo");
  • assistance in drafting the technical report on financial and accounting subjects (considering also the legal and fiscal aspects) for judicial and authorities.

National and international arbitration


Benefits for our clients

  • Significant experience of our advisors in supporting legal advisors, lead to an efficient interaction with juridical-legal interlocutors;
  • the expertise of our consultants in assisting lawyers lead to an efficient interaction with legal counterparts;
  • sound technical competencies enable our teams to tackle complicated financial and economic situations;
  • our international network enables us to operate from Italy all over the world in real time.