Licensing management

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Often companies grant the right of usage of intellectual property in forms of patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. The monitoring and protection of these intellectual properties at times could be very demanding and dynamic, and if they are not managed properly it can generate considerable losses.

In 90% of the examinations we undertake for our clients, we uncover underreported revenues due to clerical errors, accounting mistakes or contract misunderstandings.

For this reason PricewaterhouseCoopers has developed a range of services for verifying the correct contract compliance between licensee and licensor, understanding the accounting interpretation of license language, deciding the actual amount of revenues, and guaranteeing the correct and accurate preparation of the report.

The amount of revenue recovered from our activities can be significant and sometimes amount to hundreds of thousands or, in some cases, millions. Our royalty examinations tend to be self-financing exercises and we work in compliance with the best business practice.


Our services

Intangible assets (patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.) represent more than 80% of market value of top companies all over the world (Fortune 500). As a result, extracting maximum value from their intellectual assets is emerging as a priority for more and more companies.

  • Due diligence assistance on intellectual property transactions;
  • advice on royalty rates and licensing fees;
  • support on the preparation of royalty contracts;
  • software licence review.

In every assignment we undertake, our intention is to preserve and improve the relationship between you and your client. But, occasionally, disputes do arise and in these situations our experts can help in their speedy resolution and in the renegotiation of terms and contracts.

  • Verify the suspected irregularity and fraud arising from the financial statements;
  • verify the default on contracts;
  • analysis of the indemnity claims;
  • support on the contractual disputes;
  • accounting assessment acting as technical advisor;
  • verify the terms and conditions of contracts.

Benefits for our clients

Whatever your specific demands are, by using our services you can always rely on the following:

  • our experienced practitioners with a wide expertise in licensing management;
  • efficient and rapid actions: our teams are deployed within 24 hours after your request for support;
  • through our integrated international professional network we deliver a uniform service of the same high quality worldwide. Our broad international coverage is the major asset mainly because many companies have widely dispersed licence portfolios that require close coordination in multiple countries;
  • effective communication to expose the proof in judicial proceedings;
  • our experiences in managing the relationship with licensees: through our services you can strengthen the relationship with your client, identifying the critical areas, preventing possible disputes and rapidly resolving problems;
  • a fair and focussed approach on legal issues: we are faced with challenging situations on a regular basis and deal with situations characterised by accounting errors, erroneous interpretation of contracts and intentionally made mistakes. Our approach, through appropriate action, enable us to identify and examine fraudulent activities;
  • a successful experience as a result of more than 500 engagements worldwide and of global market knowledge, we are considered the leading consulting firm for licensing management.