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Recently, the number of companies that suffered from frauds has dramatically increased, together with the related extend of damages.

Fraud investigation, both on supposed and effective events, often requires the technical expertise of an accountant or an auditor with specific technical and investigative skills, combined with the knowledge of specific electronic tools related to data analysis.

The corporate investigation team helps companies and their laywers to understand the events occurred on their behalf, by collecting and rationalising all the elements helpful for disciplinary and legal measure towards any responsible party.

Our services 

The corporate investigations team provides a wide variety of forensic accounting sevices (i.e. administrative and accounting services provided by professionals for the assistance on legal claims), arranged into three main segments:

  • Corporate investigations including alleged misappropriation of corporate assets, their recovery or restraint-of-use; undisclosed conflicts of interest and improper business relationships; international and political corruption; investigative discovery; electronic evidence recovery and investigations into regulatory non-compliance.
  • Background research of people and entities including the integrity of suppliers and vendors; due diligence support for those providing M&A finance; investigative, forensic, and emerging market due diligence; contest for corporate controls and the backgrounds and qualifications of potential employees.
  • Computer forensics and cybercrime investigations such as the recovery of data from IT systems to investigate their misuse; investigations into unauthorised network intrusions (e.g. hacking) and pirated software or other misappropriated assets.

PwC offers experienced and knowledgeable teams to manage and minimise the htreat of financial crimes and to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our accounting investigation allows clients to continue their business, recover their lossess and stop their further financial losses.

We offer companies investigation support for documental reconstruction of the events, a remediation plan in order to solve the irregular accounting identified, with the purpose of avoiding possile penalties from the authorities. 
  • Integrity due diligence
  • Investigation research on financial and corporate frauds
  • Strategic intelligence in hostile situations
  • Assessment of political and geographical risks
  • Third party consultancies and reputational risks


Benefits for our clients

  • An indepth analysis of transactions and their relating damages.
  • Internal control improvement.
  • IT systems improvement.
  • Experienced preparation for judicial examinations and trials.
  • Support to companies and their legal advisors through analysis based on actions/facts.
  • Electronic discovery assistance by our professionals.
  • Ability to quickly coordinate a teamto investigate any issues in an efficient matter.
  • Innovative advise and analysis regarding damages and settlements.
  • Consolidated experience for judicial examination preparation.
  • A full understanding of the regulatory demands allows our forensic experts to set relevant evidence and present it in the most effective way to minimise any financial and collateral damage.