Forensic Services

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As a result of globalisation the possibility for organisations  to be adversely impacted by legal disputes has increased. When laws/regulations are infringed, intentionally or not, organisations are exposed to unpredictable and unwelcome risks and/or business issues, which they are usually not well prepared to manage.

Fraud, abuse, irregularities, fraudulent appropriation/embezzlement are some of the possible business issues an organisation may face. The complexity of these issues increases even further when foreign counterparts, laws, accounting standards and diverse market procedures are involved.

Each organisation is vulnerable and the risk of finding oneself unprepared is real.

Are you prepared?

  • If the occurrence of fraud, administrative or accounting irregularities arises in your company, are you aware of the procedures you should undertake to manage the investigation properly?
  • In case of a defensive investigation would you be prepared to manage electronic data (accounting, e-mails, etc), present in your IT system, according to legal requirements without invalidating the results of the investigation?
  • To succeed in your legal action it is essential to present an appraisal from an accounting expert; do you know who can help you?
  • If you were to receive an anonymous letter reporting irregularities within your organisation, would you know how to properly investigate the authenticity of the accusation?
  • If you were to be subject to investigations relating to possible accounting irregularities or errors in financial statements, from Consob, the Italian jurisdiction or from international organisations such as SEC or the American Jurisdiction Department, would you know who can help you?
  • Are you maximising the value of your patents and your licences?  Are you incurring losses due to royalties declared but unreported?

Our services 

The Forensic team is divided by the services it offers in:


How can PwC help you?

The PwC forensic services team can assist you in a variety of financial, accounting and statistical services to support administrative and accounting investigations, analysis and resolution of your business issues and disputes, such as suspected accounting irregularities, fraud, misappropriation, responsibility actions, litigations, bankruptcy procedures, international and extrajudicial arbitrations, and intellectual properties.

The forensic services European team is composed of 300 professionals in the accounting – finance field and of Forensic Accounting experts, with a wide range of experiences in different industries, arbitration, insurance disputers, tax advisory and information technologies.

Globally the forensic services team counts more than 1.400 experts in over 150 countries worldwide, resolving the most complex business issues and offering a wide range of specialised services.

Supported by our professional structure, you are able to benefit from:

  • experienced teams;
  • international networks;
  • specialist capabilities and specific sector knowledge;
  • cost effectiveness;
  • rapid response to questions;
  • clear and concise explanations.