Fraud prevention - Anti fraud programmes

View this page in: Italiano Developments in corporate governance and regulation are turning up the heat on boards of directors and senior management to proactively manage risk. At the same time, corporate fraud has reached unprecedented levels, and very few companies have a strategy to deal with internal frauds.

The development of technology and businesses' ever-increasing investments in developing markets are substantially increasing the risk of fraud faced by businesses and financial institutions. Businesses now require a broad range of skills to help assess and prevent fraud risk and this needs specialist support.

Our professionals have developed and performed fraud risk analsis in almost every industry and have a clear understanding of the more common industry frauds and the related prevention techniques.

Our services are flexible and will be tailored to meet your organisation's needs - from advising top management on fraud risk strategies to the analysis of potential impact on a particular/ specific risk.

Our services

We identify the key fraud risks which threaten your business and the key controls which should be in place in order to mitigate the risks identified. We analyse the competitive context and the sector trend, considering organisation's culture, management style, effectiveness and adequacy of internal controls in order to assess the existing anti fraud control systems. In carrying out the assessment of the fraud risk environment, we draw on our comprehensive database of known and reported frauds, along with our knowledge of industry and country risks. The most important  ingredient is the experience of our fraud specialists. This enables us to benchmark your company with comparable companies and to perform a gap analysis.

As the next step we develop a strategy to bridge the gap between the need for controls to manage fraud risk effectively and your current controls. We assess the possibility, size and potential impact of frauds, before assessing the costs and benefits of different solutions. We work with you to develop cost-effective solutions that meet your business objectives and fit your organisation's culture. As a result, our recommedations for change are realistic and appropriate, based on our understanding of your business needs.

The implementation of a fraud prevention system may include organisational changes in order to define management's responsibilities, training to increase fraud awareness, improvement of management system and control activities. The implementation occurred through the use of data mining tools and forensic investigations to assess specific fraud threats. We guide you in order to facilitate a successful implementation.