Strategic deal services

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The dedicated Strategic Deal Services (SDS) team provides assistance in key decision making processes through the understanding of business and market dynamics, and by suggesting strategies aimed at enhancing companies’ growth and improving their competitive position.

The SDS team is capable of operating with success both in terms of organisational changes and in corporate transactions.

The knowledge of the market and business trends, joined with the financial competences of main industries and the presence of a strong worldwide network, are unique elements that permit the SDS team to provide its clients with validation and financial and strategic planning instruments, insight regarding analysed industries and cross-border solutions through a factual & number based approach.

In Europe, the team comprises more than 300 professionals, with main offices located in London, Milan, Paris, Frankfurt and Madrid. We have recently opened offices in New York and Shanghai in order to enlarge our global presence. In 2006 and 2007, PwC has been awarded as the Market & Commercial Due Diligence Team of the Year in Europe by the "Private Equity News" journal.

Potential issues
  • You are considering acquiring a company and you need a better understanding of the market and its competitive environment (customers, suppliers, trends, legislation,....).
  • You are considering acquiring a company and the projections appear to be very aggressive, therefore you want to broaden your knowledge regarding market drivers, the action plan, and sector benchmarks.
  • You are considering stock exhange listing in a regulated market and you need strategic and commercial development guidelines.
  • You have started reorganisation of the business and you need a critical analysis of the pursued strategy.
Our services include
How we can support you
  • Providing commercial and market due diligence.
  • Analysing the market, its competitive dynamics and business aspects for acquisition or joint venture purposes.
  • Assisting in the identification and valuation of strategies in IPO processes.
  • Providing market and benchmarking analysis for the purposes of reorganisation and development of companies' activities.
  • Providing assistance in analysing the strategy, in preparing business plans and in defining action plans.