Mergers & acquisitions

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In the current economic scenario – characterised by turbulent and globalised markets – the operations of extraordinary finance (Mergers & acquisitions) are increasingly becoming more complex and international, and they request independency, high professionalism and the capacity to serve clients worldwide. The M&A team offers a wide range of financial consulting services in the field of extraordinary finance: from acquisitions to fund-raising in all industry sectors.

Thanks to our worldwide network, our competencies in different sectors and our vast connections both with large multinationals, likewise with small- and medium-sized companies, the M&A team assists industrial groups, entrepreneurs, private equity funds and management teams in the origination, structuring and negotiation of successful M&A operations in any part of the world across all industry sectors.

PwC Corporate Finance has a highly successful track-record in cross-border operations within mid-market clients, with an enterprise value between € 10 and € 500 millions.

Potential issues
  • You want rapid access to new markets, assets, technologies or personnel and you want to make an acquisition.
  • You are considering realising a merger or a strategic joint venture with another company.
  • You want to sell your business.
  • Your need an industrial or a financial partner.
  • You are considering supporting your strategic growth and you need a financial investor.
  • You want to get listed in a regulated market or your company is underestimated on the market.
  • You need financial sources for expansion, for an acquisition or to carry out a complex industrial project.
Our services include
How we can support you
  • Providing expert advice throughout the transaction.
  • Assisting in finding potential buyers for your business, or in identifying the right acquisition target to fit with your strategic goals.
  • Providing expertise in stock exchange listing in regulated markets and competences regarding related legal aspects.
  • Assisting in finding private equity funds and other possible institutional investors thanks to our strong relationships.
  • In order to support the deal, we provide adequate competences, local knowledge and profound sector knowledge thanks to our national and international network of professionals.