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Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean

Collaborating with ENEL Green Power, Edison, CESI, GSE, PwC and Polytechnic University of Milano, PwC set up a Nonprofit Association named RES4MED, which aims at promoting the use of renewable energy sources in the Mediterranean area.

RES4Med intends to play the role of “network of network”, with the aim of fostering cooperation and collaboration between institutions, industry players, associations and academics (e.g. MEDREG, MEDTSO, Desertec Industrial Initiative, MedRing, Mediterranean Solar Plan), that already operate or intend to do it in the Mediterranean basin, in order to develop technical and economical research synergies as well as to face the industrial and commercial competitive challenges in the Mediterranean Area.

The new project’s goals are as follows:

  • Share and reinforce strategies currently implemented byMediterranean countries
  • Analyse and reinforce the experience acquired through other public and private initiatives carried out in recent years
  • Implement complementary and additional activities alongside those already underway, paying special attention to specific requirements in local areas
  • Provide suggestions and propose plans that will encourage investments in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries
  • Work with Southeastern Mediterranean countries to prepare a medium-termintegrated outlook, involving connections between Mediterranean countries without being limited to unidirectional energy flows, but envisaging a growing need for energy exchange

In order to achieve these objectives, RES4MED has developed aWork Plan for the following areas:

Mediterranean energy context

  • Country Reports
  • Analysis and studies on Mediterranean Energy context in the perspectives on the future deployment of RES and energy efficiency Mediterranean renewables policies
  • Support to sustainable activities

Electricity market integration

  • Electricity infrastructures and energy markets
  • Renewables penetration

Renewables deployment and grid integration

  • Collaboration within the main associations and organizations active in the energy field in the Mediterranean area
  • Analysis of the investments impacts in the Med Countries

Capacity building and Technology Transfer

  • Training workshops to improve the knowledge and the technology transfers in the field of RES
  • Improvement of the dialogue on experience and existing projects in the concerned area

In the framework of RES4MED, PwC activities start from the day-to-day analyses of policies and market trends. Our know-how includes skilled professionals in
modelling, strategy, management consultancy, sustainability and climate change.

In particular, PwC will take the lead of the Feasibility Study on a Utility-scale PV plant under grid parity conditions. PwC shared the objectives of RES4MED from the very beginning and was keen to commit our efforts to set up this initiative.