Cleaner & Renewable Energy

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The focus on cleaner power and the related concerns on emission regulation and energy efficiency remain at the top of the agenda for many utility companies worldwide. Companies are making big fuel mix changes, investing in and rolling out renewable generation or other cleaner power sources such as nuclear energy. Such investment is important not just as a result of climate change but also as a response to concerns about energy security.

The delivery of cleaner and renewable energy entails considerable investment, project and technological challenges. Developments such as the exploration of carbon capture technologies, large scale solar generation and offshore wind involve considerable risk and uncertainty. The regulatory framework governing emissions is a crucial factor in the long-term investment decisions that utility companies have to make.

Companies face an array of choices about where and how best to deliver cleaner and renewable energy. Which markets? Which technologies? Which sites? Capital expenditure or acquisitions?

PwC can help you

PwC is on hand to give you the business planning and market analysis you need:

  • we can map your strategic and project choices
  • we can bring clarity to a complex array of current and future variables
  • we can identify the best mix of financing sources customized to specific projects and companies