Regulatory Impact on the Account

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For Energy & Utilities companies, a specific set of rules issued by the Authority for Electricity and Gas was introduced in 2001; this new regulation requires the separation of annual accounts (unbundling), with the aim of representing the real economic and financial situation of different business lines, making the management and costs of companies operating in the industry more transparent.

PwC delivers audit and accounting services, including:

  • audit of financial statements
  • analysis of accounting procedures and internal control systems
  • review and analysis of sustainability reports
  • fairness opinions
  • opinions on correctness of financial information
  • assistance in the transition to International Accounting Standards (IAS / IFRS)
  • assessment on compliance with Resolution 11/2007 ("unbundling") and preparation of the separated annual accounts and all the related reporting
  • agreed upon procedures on the correct application of unbundling rules