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Think4Energy Newsletter

Think4Energy is a PwC newsletter with the aim of describing and interpreting the main trends in the national gas and electrical power supply market.

  • Think4Energy No. 06

    With the prior issue of our Think4Energy newsletter we started a series of considerations focused on innovation. The purpose of this latest Think4Energy issue is to continue the dialogue on innovation by taking a more in depth look at topics we started addressing in prior issues and addressing new ones within the scope of the Smart Energy observatory.

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  • Think4Energy No. 05

    Dedicated to innovation in the energy industry: assessment and management of the operational risks related to the introduction of technological innovations, analysis of the evolutionary paradigm of the factors of production in the energy industry (Smart Energy Observatory), evolution in the relationship between companies and customers in the era of social networks and mobiles.

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  • Think4Energy No. 04

    An issue dedicated to strategic asset management and including analysis of: new challenges in asset management for the Power and Utility industry, regulatory changes and impacts on the development strategy for the business of gas distribution operators, evolving trends in the human capital development programs for the commercial networks, growing concerns with regards to the retail credit management.

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  • Think4Energy No. 03

    An issue dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency and including: an interview with Mr Francesco Starace (CEO of Enel Green Power), an analysis of new business models in the photovoltaic market, a focus on 2011 M&A market in the renewables and outlook for 2012, an overview of the Italian legislative framework as for Green Certificates and Energy Bill.

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  • Think4Energy No. 01

    An abstract of an empirical research on "Energy sales strategy and competition in Italy", intended to assess the competitive environment in the gas and electrical power supply market segments, survey conducted by interviewing a selected pool of professionals in the sector.

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Other publications

  • Energia dal deserto - The main projects for renewable energy in the Mediterranean area

    A book exploring the competitive advantages of the countries located in the southern and northern Mediterranean, proposing the combination of solar energy resources of the former with the financial resources and know-how of the latter. The book, edited by Roberto Vigotti, PwC Senior Advisor, collects preeminent contributions regarding the technological, economic and social ramifications of the proposal, providing reflections on the scenarios which might arise from the energy transition.

  • Italian PV Market

    An outlook on PV issues in Italy, including a review of market and opportunities, Regulatory Framework, tax issues and profitability analysis for some solar plants (October 2011).