The purpose of the “Corporate Governance for Italy” Project

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The purpose of the project has been defined as follows:

“To provide the features of a governance system for corporate, and more generally, Italian companies, resulting in the most reliable System for Management and Control in Italy, addressing in a clear way the transparency and legality, the objectives that represent the fundamental parts of the Corporate Governance Systems in mature countries”.

PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Scientific Committee, have pointed out two objectives:

  1. To proceed towards an adaptation of the Italian context of the issues already quoted in the CoSO report;
  2. To finalise a study that, taking in consideration the juridical and regulatory dispositions and the procedures of the more advanced countries, allows for the identification of fundamental terms of reference that enable the definition of the Corporate Governance System in Italy, evaluating the concreteness, the practicability and the sharing with the Scientific Committee.