The “Corporate Governance for Italy” Project

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The “Corporate Governance for Italy” project is based on a similar successful initiative held in the US. The American project was commissioned by the Threadway Commission of the Committee of Sponsoring Organisations (CoSO) to PricewaterhouseCoopers and this resulted in the so-called “CoSO Report”. This report has become an indispensable tool to support the methodology and implementation for many of the representatives operating in the economic, institutional and academic world.

So far, Corporate Governance in Italy has been addressed predominantly from a legal and regulatory standpoint but, in order to be effectively addressed and resolved, it has required the collaboration of experienced people who hold a larger set of knowledge.

This “operative”, rather than “honorary”, Scientific Committee consists of renowned personalities belonging to banking, insurance and industrial organisations, with institutional, academic and professional backgrounds, that have offered their availability to examine the produced documentation and to provide, in all liberty, opinions, answers, guidance and addresses.

Such a multiplicity of corporate experiences gained from the different competent personalities, could assure an articulate and concrete contribution enabling a redefinition of the terms of reference for good Corporate Governance in Italy.