Through the looking glass: What successful businesses find in India

India: The clear cut story
The five patterns

Pattern one:
The market is highly segmented

Identify diverse consumer groups and understand what your target segment values

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Pattern two:
Niche segments demand tailored solutions

Tweaking products and services won't do. Create a differentiated offering to win market share and maintain price advantage

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Pattern three:
Relationships can make or break channel strategy

Nurture relationships with multiple channel partners. Prepare to give up some control to increase market penetration.

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Pattern four:
Integration and
collaboration are central to strong supply chains

Responding to evolving demand and supply patterns requires supply chain flexibility that comes from partnering with suppliers

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Pattern five:
In India, think operating models for India

Operating models tried and tested in mature markets may not have the right capabilities and structural elements for India

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The Indian market demands a strategy that addresses its diverse consumer groups and counters business risk with a tailored operating model.

In this report, several US-headquartered businesses and entrepreneurial Indian companies share their experiences about what it takes to successfully enter or expand in the Indian market. Peering through the looking glass at India, these companies are shifting their perceptions, challenging conventional thinking, and decoding complex patterns in order to succeed.