Regulatory and Compliance

We help clients to establish a regulated presence in the Isle of Man and/or to deal with the ongoing challenge of regulatory compliance.

For organisations establishing a presence in the Isle of Man regulated sector we provide:

  • Advice on the licensing regime for regulated activity
  • Support and assistance during the licence application process
  • Advice on setting up a business in the Isle of Man
  • Advice on appropriate policies and procedures to start trading as regulated businesses
  • Co-ordination with tax advisors on structuring and tax planning

For established regulated companies we provide:

  • Advice on policies and procedures to ensure they remain compliant with applicable regulations
  • Help with risk assessment, risk monitoring and risk mitigation
  • Advice on the impact of, and the opportunities presented by, any changes to regulations in the Isle of Man
  • Help to clients preparing for a regulatory visit or responding to regulatory enquiries

We also help our clients to comply with their obligations to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism by providing:

  • Comprehensive AML/CTF training tailored to specific needs
  • Advice on AML/CTF policies and procedures
  • Advice and support during AML/CTF incidents
  • Assistance with retrospective AML/CTF review where required