Tax publications

Tackling Tax Evasion - HMRC update 2016 - Presentation

Presentation slides from PwC Isle of Man's event with HMRC on the Corporate Criminal Offences of Failure to Prevent the Criminal Facilitation of Tax Evasion.

Indirect Tax Issues of Brexit

Initial considerations of the Indirect Tax issues associated with the UK’s exit from the EU.

10 Minutes on the OECD's BEPS project

The OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project is likely to spur the most significant changes to the taxation of international business since 1986. These changes will require you to reconsider where to invest and how to structure your global business operations.

Annual Tax Conference 2016 - Presentation

Presentation slides from PwC Isle of Man's annual tax conference 2016 providing insight into the latest tax issues including FERSA, VAT, BEPS and non-UK domiciliaries, including residential property & inheritance tax, and deemed domicile status.

Tax Talk is our quarterly newsletter on topical tax issues.

Tax Talk - Special Edition - Finance Bill 2017

A special edition Tax Talk after an unexpected turn of events. The much-publicised provisions within the Finance Bill 2017 aimed at non-UK domiciliaries (‘non-doms’) were removed on 25 April 2017. We fully expect that this will not be the end of the story, but for now at least these potentially significant changes have not been introduced.

Tax Talk - Issue 16 - March 2017

A lot has been happening with budgets held in the Isle of Man (IoM) and UK and other matters looming large in the background; Brexit, CRS and impending UK tax changes to name a few. Our Tax team provide an update on all these matters in this issue of Tax Talk.

Tax Talk - Special Edition - UK Budget 2016

Special Budget edition of Tax Talk for 2016 devoted to George Osborne’s eighth budget, and in particular the tax issues that might be of particular interest to Isle of Man residents.

Tax Talk - Special Edition - Manx Budget 2016

A special edition which is entirely dedicated to the Isle of Man Budget 2016. Mr Teare delivered his fifth and final budget of this administration, with its three main objectives being to ensure ‘Strong Foundations for the future’. He also reiterated last year’s message of fairness.