Privatisation Advice

Privatisation has become a truly global process which varies significantly from country to country. The real test for the privatisation experts is to take account of both international best practice and local cultural and economic conditions.

  • We have an unrivalled global reach combined with our expertise in working with governments to advise on shaping their policy, developing frameworks and helping them to implement privatisations, industry by industry
  • We reconcile investors' need for profit with the requirements of Government for political and financial transparency.
  • When advising private sector bidders, we help them to enter new markets and develop structures that allow them to compete internationally and access local and international funds.

If this is your situation

  • You are a corporation looking to enter a new market with the right proposal and at the lowest risk for the business.

How PwC can help

  • We help our clients from strategy to transactions and beyond.
  • We bring an in-depth professional experience and an impeccable track record of achievements.
  • We have experienced and worked in many different environments.