Pharmaceuticals and life sciences

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is undergoing a period of profound transformation. Many analysts agree that the industry is moving from the era of the “blockbuster drug” to a new operating model known as personalized medicine. While achieving success in research and development continues to define those who will be the industry’s winners and losers, other issues are increasingly demanding the attention of top management. They include navigating the challenges of global regulatory compliance, optimizing the supply chain, achieving marketing excellence and effectively managing organizational complexity on a global scale. These issues along with increased scrutiny of the industry’s business practices and difficult questions over the safety of marketed drugs have created substantial tensions between the industry and its stakeholders.
Prescription for Growth - A series analysing key pharmaceutical markets across the world, assessing economic, political and cultural issues and highlighting risks and opportunities for investors.

Pharmaceuticals Industry Challenges

How PwC can help you

To profitably manage their businesses in this environment, manufacturers will need to consider a new model that embraces fundamental change to the organizational structure, operating practices and corporate culture that prevails in companies today. In the future, successful enterprises will be those that can efficiently adapt to new regulatory requirements, changing markets and develop and sell the next generation of breakthrough therapies while working to ensure that the hard-won bond of trust between the industry and its stakeholders remains strong.

As is the global leader serving pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, PricewaterhouseCoopers has extensive experience working with organizations across the industry, including: proprietary and generic drug manufacturers, specialty drug makers, medical device and diagnostics suppliers, biotechnology companies, wholesalers, pharmacy benefit managers, contract research organizations, and industry associations. We have aligned our practice with the broader health industries market to ensure that our people are well versed in the relationships between suppliers, providers, payers, and customers. We have made a deep commitment to understanding the forces that are impacting these sectors and developing and delivering solutions that help our clients’ achieve their financial, operational and strategic objectives.